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How to engage your audience?" Part 2.

6 Ways To Create Tension for Audience Engagement

Now, let’s pick up with my 4th favorite way to create tension:

  • 4. Keep Them Guessing In episodic TV its called a plot twist. You know, when you say to yourself, “I didn’t see that coming”. You didn’t see it coming because they kept you guessing.

  • 5. Kill The Status Quo We’ve had a couple of episodes on this enemy of your video, but just know, we never bore your audience with the expected. We want to get them thinking by offering them a fresh perspective of your story. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to Kill The Status Quo.

  • 6. Spring A Surprise Ending To keep an audience engaged until the very end, we don’t give away the ending. The fastest way to watch audience engagement plummet is to signal the end is near with a, “Finally, in closing” or “In conclusion” or “Wrapping this up”. That’s why we like to keep your audience engaged with by springing a surprise ending.

And those are my 6 favorite ways to engage your audience:

  • 1. Get Their Attention

  • 2. Begin At The End

  • 3. Employ Cliff Hangers

  • 4. Keep Them Guessing

  • 5. Kill The Status Quo

  • 6. Spring A Surprise Ending


If you have questions or comments about using tension in your video, leave a comment below or send me an email to

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