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What’s the power of video perspective

One of the best ways I’ve found to engage an audience, is to help them see things differently; to offer a fresh perspective. But what is perspective?

I want to share with you 2 unique aspects of perspective that all great films share.

The first aspect of perspective is obvious, it’s:

The Way We See

This is a physical or spatial perspective. It’s something visible and it’s all about what we can see with our eyes. It can be as simple as seeing a familiar landscape from a high, dramatic point-of-view, or the way that lighting can change the tone and mood of a scene. This aspect of perspective helps your audience to physically see the world differently. This is that aspect of perspective that captures our imaginations.

There’s also another aspect of perspective that is equally important, if not more so and that’s:

The Way We Understand

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary film called, Pandora’s Promise. It’s a film about environmentalists and nuclear reactors. It’s about saving our environment for our children. But it offered me a fresh perspective on a subject I thought I knew. And in the end, I watched the respected environmentalists become pro-nuclear. I was blown away. This film completely turned my understanding of nuclear energy upside down. And if you watch the film, you’ll understand why!

Pandora’s Promise is a great example of the other aspect of perspective. It’s this perspective that helps us to think about or to better understand a problem or solution, differently. This is the perspective that leads your audience to those “Aha!” moments. Check out Pandora’s Promise here!

This is the perspective that offers new insights and provides a fresh way to connect the cognitive dots. It’s the kind of perspective that can enable a tectonic shift in our understanding, for example, from anti-nuclear to pro-nuclear.

That’s the great thing about harnessing the power of video perspective. It can help us see and understand our world from a completely different point of view.


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