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1. Animated Explainer Videos: Video Marketing Trends in 2023

Animation has always been one of the most actionable marketing practices. Just remind of Mr. Clean — the mascot owned by Procter & Gamble. This animated hero first appeared on our screens in 1958. Over the decades, he still is one of the most memorable mascots in the cleaning goods industry. Mr. Clean is one of many examples of how animation can set a powerful brand image and stick to the customers’ hearts. With the constantly growing popularity of video social media giants like YouTube or TikTok, we simply cannot ignore trends in video marketing.

Among main video marketing trends 2023, we expect the growing popularity of animated explainer videos. Even today, lots of companies all over the world use animated videos to promote their products and services creatively, educate customers about how to use them, onboard new employees, and for dozens of other corporate and marketing purposes. We anticipate seeing even more benefits of animated explanatory videos for businesses across different industries. We like how Pipedrive has implemented it by hiring ZAPPL to produce their short animated commercial.

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