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2. More Live Video Streaming: Video Marketing Trends in 2023

Even though live video streaming has been popular before, it gains momentum in 2023 as well. We can’t ignore the massive power of Twitch TV that promotes live video streaming as the most engaging way to interact with the audience. On Twitch, it has started as game streaming. Although it has grown into a new content type gaining popularity among music performers, podcasters, and even yoga teachers!

Are you curious as to why live streaming is one of the most well-liked developments in 2023’s video marketing? It’s because intimacy, connection, and authenticity are at the heart of live video streaming. There are other methods outside sales talk that might help you connect with your audience.

People love to interact with influencers in almost real-time; it has become one of the major video trends 2023. It has become even more actual during the coronavirus lockdown when we all stay at home.

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