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Keep Your Script Short and Sweet

Less is definitely more in video scriptwriting. You may be tempted to bombard your audience with so much information, especially when creating an instructional video. Is there a way all these information pieces can be summarized in 2-3 minutes or slightly longer for training videos but still remain succinct?

Focus on the main points of your video and avoid any irrelevant information. Unnecessary repetitions are also not recommended unless done tastefully. When repetition is used right, it can enhance memorability.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your script precise;

  • Make every part of the script relevant to the general purpose of your video.

  • Avoid unnecessary repetitions (unless you're creating dramatic effects).

  • Cut the redundancy and avoid the use of fluff words (these waste time yet have no impact on your audience).

  • Use simple language and avoid using overly complicated words.

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