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Appeal to Consumers' Emotions

Virtually all consumer decisions are made based on emotions— the decision to purchase or not to purchase (and other relevant decisions). Rarely would you encounter a purely rational consumer?

Intrinsic to the production of any effective video is the concept of emotional appeal. If you want to effectively reach your target audience, who could be potential customers, potential employees, or your staff, get to connect with them at an emotional level. It works miracles!

Save your audience from corporate jargon, facts, and figures (making a few elaborated mentions isn't bad). If your video is too analytical, no one will watch it to the end (unless the video is made for the data junkies in your office).

Listing your product or organization's features is informative, but it does not make your audience see how your company, service, or product is right for them. Grab your audience's attention by focusing on consumer needs in a simple intriguing manner.

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