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6 Best types of corporate videos

Videos are all around us. From our television sets to phones and laptops to giant billboards, videos have evolved as the new paradigm for advertising. Besides, long gone are the days when corporate videos were considered a luxury reserved for only a few wealthy corporations.

Corporate videos can be the best ingredient for your marketing strategy. But while videos are practical and efficient for marketing strategies, you should always know what video is to be used and where it needs to be shared. One video may look better to you; however, it often depends on what you are sharing and what type of audience you have.

Now, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best types of corporate videos, along with the best corporate video examples that you can add to your video marketing strategy.

  1. Brand video

  2. Social media videos

  3. Email videos

  4. Testimonial videos

  5. FAQ videos

  6. Webinar videos

The brand video explains to you in our next blog.

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