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28 customer feedback questions

  1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

  2. What is your main goal for using this website/product?

  3. What, if anything, is preventing you from achieving that goal?

  4. What is your greatest concern about [product/brand]?

  5. What changed for you after you started using our product?

  6. Where did you first hear about us?

  7. Have you used our [product or service] before?

  8. Why did you choose to use our [product or service] over other options?

  9. Have you used a similar [product or service] before?

  10. How do you use our product/service?

  11. How can we make this page better?

  12. What’s the ONE thing our website is missing?

  13. What, if anything, is stopping you from [taking action] today?

  14. What are your main concerns or questions about [product or service]?

  15. Thanks for [taking action]! How are you planning to use [product or service]?

  16. How would you describe the buying experience?

  17. Do you feel our [product or service] is worth the cost?

  18. What convinced you to buy the product?

  19. What challenges are you trying to solve?

  20. What nearly stopped you from buying?

  21. What do you like most about our [product or service]?

  22. What do you like least?

  23. What feature/option could we add to make your experience better?

  24. How could we have gone above and beyond?

  25. Net Promoter Score (NPS): how likely are you to recommend our products?

  26. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): how satisfied are you with our product/services?

  27. Customer Effort Score (CES): how easy did (the organization) make it for you to solve your issue?

  28. Is there anything you’d like to add?


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