How can we capture more video footage in a day?

  1. be well prepared BEFORE the shoot, and

  2. be very focused DURING the shoot so we can capture as much footage as possible.

But the truth is, we can’t succeed without you. We need your help to make the shoot and your video a success. With that in mind, here are:

7 Ways You Can Help Us Capture More Video Footage In A Day

  1. Help us with the right locations

  2. Help us plan ahead

  3. Help us schedule

  4. Help us minimize travel

  5. Help us communicate

  6. Help us verify

  7. Help us confirm last minute details

Now before you panic, most of these ways, we’re actually already doing for you. But I share them here because it simplifies them, and helps you to understand your role in making them a reality. That role is all about planning and communication.

The Key

The reality is, we can create the perfect schedule, but if you’re not on-board, our perfect schedule will be like a New Years resolution that never makes is past new years day. It takes a partnership between you and us to make your shoot successful. We can’t do it alone. So that’s how, together, we can capture more video footage in a day.


Do you have a question about capturing more footage in a day? Or do you have questions in general about video production? If so, send us an email to answers and ask away.

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