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How do I read a video script?

  • Scene

Also called a slugline it tells you when and where the scene is set in 3 parts:

1) The first part tells you if the scene is set inside (interior/INT.) outside (exterior/EXT.) 2) The second part tells you the location of the scene 3) The third part refers to the time of the scene


  • Action

This is a descriptor of what’s happening in the scene.

  • Character

The character is simple enough, it tells you who is speaking.

  • Parenthetical

A parenthetical is a description that appears below the name of a character and before their dialogue. It gives the actor the context of who they are speaking to or describes the way they are speaking.

  • Dialogue

The dialogue tells you what the character says in the scene.

Those are the five key elements of an AV or 2 column script:

  1. Scene

  2. Action

  3. Character

  4. Parenthetical

  5. Dialogue

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