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How important is the quality of my video?

Good, great, incredible, and amazing are just a few of the adjectives used to describe quality. If there’s one thing I can tell you about quality in video production, it’s that everyone wants it. The problem is, we can’t always agree on what “it” is.

The problem with quality is we can’t always agree on what “it” is.

Recently I was meeting with a new client. We were chatting about our families and he was telling me about a video his daughter made, on her iPhone. “The quality,” he said, “was amazing.” When we started talking about his business and video strategy, I shared a sample of our work. He watched, looked at me and said, “That’s the kind of quality I want.” Which really illustrates the enigma of quality. The quality of his daughter’s iPhone video was “great,” until he saw a different kind of quality. So how do you, as a professional, decide the kind of quality you want? I’ve learned that real quality, like a diamond, is multifaceted. Real quality has 7 traits. Let’s take a look. The 7 Traits of Quality

  1. Connection – real quality always connects and engages your audience

  2. Preparation – real quality is never an accident

  3. Experience – real quality learns through mistakes

  4. Constancy – real quality is present throughout the entire spectrum

  5. More – real quality is always more than technology or creativity

  6. Structure – real quality is never disorganized

  7. Time – real quality is never last minute

Quality is the nexus of these 7 traits and serves as a reminder that real quality is always an investment. Real quality is always an investment A Practical Suggestion Because quality is subjective, let me suggest a practical way you can get the right quality out of your next video.

Define the kind of quality you want to see by showing us examples of the quality you like. It could be from your favorite movie, a new commercial, or a YouTube video. Whatever it is, if it inspires you, share it with us so we can better understand what quality is to you. When it comes to defining quality, use these 7 traits:

  1. Connection.

  2. Preparation.

  3. Experience.

  4. Constancy.

  5. More.

  6. Structure.

  7. Time.

These are the traits that will help you decide how important quality is for your video. Questions? Do you questions about video production, send me an email to answers and ask away.

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