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How Long Should Social Media Videos Be?

It is so hard to grab and hold people’s attention nowadays! There are distractions everywhere and an overwhelming amount of content for people to choose from, meaning you’ve got to work even harder for your content to to perform well.

So, shorter is better, right? As you’ve probably guessed, it’s not quite that simple! Your videos should not only be tailored to your audiences’ distraction-prone tendencies, but to the platform you are sharing the content on. Chances are your audience on YouTube will be more willing to watch a 4 minute video, than on Instagram where users won’t give it more than 15 seconds (at a push!)

Customizing your videos to your platform is the key to holding your audience's attention and ensuring your video content performs. Which is why we created this handy guide to the optimal video length for the most popular social media platforms. We’ve combined our 5 years of expertise in video with existing research in the area to help optimize your videos.

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