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How Onboarding Videos Help to Optimize User Retention

Your marketing efforts have worked out, and you’ve converted leads into actual clients. Congrats! But don’t rush to relax. It’s just the beginning of the user journey. And to make it comfortable, you should create onboarding videos.

Users are more likely to watch a video than read an article, report, or even post. Moreover, they want to see more video content in the future. So, it will be best to welcome potential customers with a short and helpful onboarding video. You can show the essential features of your product/service and highlight your expertise. But how to make it catchy? How to make sure that users understand your message and follow your call to action? We, at ZAPPL, have prepared a comprehensive guide on making an outstanding onboarding video that optimizes user retention and converts them to a client.

What is an onboarding video?

It’s a short video you show to prospects or new clients, explaining to them how your product or service can help them solve the problem. Usually, those videos are up to five minutes long.

Such videos typically include an overview of the product and the company. Use them to greet your customers and introduce crucial features of your proposition.

Why make an onboarding video?

They are a great addition to the orientation experience. It educates your clients and raises awareness about your goals as a business. It motivates them to become more open to you.

Fine welcome videos speed up the onboarding process. Moreover, potential clients can come back to the video to rewatch it. They can’t do this in real life because it may be awkward to check back with the expert anytime they want some minor advice.

Onboarding videos are easily accessible. A user can learn in a user-friendly manner, rewinding the same tape now and then. They can save videos on the watchlist and share them with others. It’s a free promotion for your business.


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