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People remember only 20% of what they read… but 80% of what they see

Studies show that people remember:

10% of what they hear — — 20% of what they read — — 80% of what they see.

And this is because the human brain processes visual cues better than written language.

It is time to change how we decipher and communicate valuable data because we often fail to understand and report the information we own.

Data visualization gives you the opportunity to see the real meaning of your data and the insights they hide.

Data visualization is versatile and it can be used in all business departments and industries and for a wide range of purposes, like:

- Risk Management

- Cost Tracking and Reduction

- Investments Analysis

- New Business Opportunities Identification

- Assessing Value for an Acquisition

- Tracking Project Progress with Scorecards

- Tracking your Website Performance

- Planning the Launch of a New Product

- Evaluating the Efficiency of a Manufacturing Plant

- Budgeting and Allocation of Company Resources

- and many more…

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